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Point of Attachments

The point of attachment, also known as the point of connection, is where the service mains (overhead or underground cable) attaches to your property. It is usually installed on a building, post, power pole or other structure in a property.

It is necessary to relocate or upgrade the point of attachment over time due to wear and tear. If you notice any safety hazard or defect signs, it’s best to call one of our Level 2 electricians.

Our experienced and fully licensed point of attachment electicians have the expertise to safely disconnect and connect single and three-phase setups for commercial and residential properties.

When To Call For Point Of Attachment Upgrade?

It is common for the attachments to malfunction due to deterioration, which can lead to a power outage and fire if left unattended. Point of attachment defects may pose a serious safety risk, especially in wet environments. The fridge, the swimming pool and even the faucets can be affected.

Electrical issues such as faulty wiring and improper installation can require a point of attachment upgrade. Tearing down a property, repairing a roof or installing a new pool also requires a Level 2 ASP to disconnect and reconnect the property’s power, ensuring the low voltage lines are safe to work on.

When To Call For Point Of Attachment Upgrade

Benefits of upgrading your electrical point of attachments

Defective attachments can cause switchboard failure, electrical meltdowns, as well as electrical fires. Upgrading them can increase safety and avoid major damages and a large power outage.

Electrical connections are an important consideration during a renovation or relocation because the connection to the network might need modifying or upgrading when there are changes to the property.

Calling in a qualified level 2 technician can also minimise the downtime of shutting down your power to avoid any disruption to your daily routine and provide temporary site power while fixing your cables and connections.

Benefits of upgrading your electrical point of attachments

“Responsive and cost effective. front desk is super helpful and provided quote in such a timely manner and during the work day, both electricians arrived on time and completed the work professionally.”

Why are Electrical Point of Attachments Important?

Clear Responsibility
The POA establishes a clear point between the responsibility of the electrical network distributor and the property owner. The network distributor is responsible for the electrical infrastructure up to the POA, while the property owner is responsible for the electrical installation beyond the POA.
Flexibility and Control
The POA allows property owners to have more control and flexibility over their electrical supply, make changes or upgrades without directly involving the network distributor. This can be beneficial when modifying the electrical setup to meet specific requirements or when expanding the property.
Cost Savings
By having control over the electrical system beyond the POA, property owners can potentially save on costs. They have the freedom to choose their own contractors or service providers for installations, maintenance, or repairs, which can lead to competitive pricing and cost savings.
The POA enables property owners to customise their electrical installations based on their specific needs. They can design the internal electrical system to suit their requirements, such as incorporating renewable energy sources, implementing smart home technologies, or integrating specialised equipment.
Efficiency and Reliability
A well-designed and properly maintained POA allows for the appropriate capacity and distribution of electricity, minimising power interruptions and voltage fluctuations. This reliability is crucial for the smooth operation of electrical appliances, equipment, and systems within the property.
Compliance and Safety
The POA provides a standardised connection point that complies with electrical regulations and safety standards. This compliance ensures that the electrical installation meets the necessary requirements, reducing the risk of electrical hazards or accidents. It also allows for easier inspections and certifications.

Frequently asked questions

Who Can Upgrade Point Of Attachments?
This procedure must be performed by a Level 2 Electrician who has been certified by the government and holds the necessary qualifications needed to safely relocate, remove and replace point of attachments. A regular electrician is not authorised to do electrical connection or disconnection.

As certified level 2 electricians, we know how to move properties, switch to underground electrical systems, or install private power poles safely.
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Lu JLu J
21:08 19 May 23
Responsive and cost effective. Front desk is super helpful and provided quote in such a timely manner and during the work day, both electricians arrived on time and completed the work professionally.
Weifurong80 WeiWeifurong80 Wei
12:49 18 May 23
Have to say it's rare to come across any companies such as selectrical services these days. Their custom service is excellent and backed with prompt service. They would text you to inform when their electrician would arrive. When they promise something, they would keep their promise. We had really good experience having them to carry out electrical work.
Timur SimashevTimur Simashev
23:49 14 May 23
They replaced our power board and main cables. Done as scheduled, all nice. I'm grateful they took old pole and powerboard and moved payment to more convenient day for us!
Mirna AbdallahMirna Abdallah
07:22 21 Feb 23
Emergency call out today, our switchboard started to smoke and our power had to be turned off. With temperatures over 35 and elderly parents it was extremely stressful. I can not speak highly enough of this company. Not only did they turn up within a few hours but the job was done promptly and efficiently. Thank you so much for your professional service !! I will highly recommend you!
Robert CahillRobert Cahill
05:36 28 Nov 22
Selectrical removed and reinstalled a private power pole to my property together with an all new and upgraded meter box and circuit breakers to reflect latest standards.The quoting process was straightforward and clear.Selective completed the work promptly and as promised.Michael was great to communicate with, knew his scope and made the project an easy one to complete from a client point of view.The site work was complemented by office admin that was responsive and knew what was going on.Recommended.

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