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Our certified, fully trained electricians have the experience and knowledge to safely carry out all underground electric cable installation requirements.

Underground Electricity

Underground service and consumer main cables consume energy from the street’s network and supply it to homes, businesses without the use of overhead lines.

They are usually made of copper or aluminium and are buried underground in trenches to protect them from environmental hazards, such as weather and vandalism.

Whether you need a new installation, or upgrade your existing underground wiring, our certified, fully trained electricians have the experience and knowledge to safely carry out all underground cable installation requirements.

What causes underground cable damage?

While excavating machines are commonly responsible for cable damage, workers are also exposed to danger when they use hand tools such as pneumatic drills, crowbars, picks and forks to dig around underground cables.

This makes it important to contact a professional service provider to install new or repair damaged cables. If you are experiencing any type of issue or damage with your underground service and consumer mains, it’s best to call one of our Level 2 electricians, as we have the expertise to safely work with underground electricity.

What causes underground cable damage

Benefits of Underground Electric Cable Installation

Responsible for supplying stable and reliable electricity to homes, businesses and other properties. Underground electricity cables are safer and more reliable when compared with overhead cables, they have less exposure to weather-related damage and lower risk of causing accidents.

You can significantly reduce power supply surges and damage to electrical equipment in your home with underground electric cables. They are also less susceptible to weather-related impairments, wildlife attacks and tree limb damage.


“I can not speak highly enough of this company. not only did they turn up within a few hours but the job was done promptly and efficiently. Thank you so much for your professional service!!”


Enhanced Aesthetics
Underground electric cable eliminates the need for overhead power lines, resulting in a cleaner and more visually appealing environment. It removes unsightly poles and cables, enhancing the aesthetics of your property and contributing to an unobstructed view.
Increased Safety
Underground electricity significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries associated with overhead power lines. By eliminating the exposure to live wires, it enhances the safety of your home and reduces the chances of incidents caused by factors such as falling branches, severe weather, or accidental contact.
Reliable Power Supply
Underground electricity provides a more reliable power supply, as it is less susceptible to external factors like storms, strong winds, or wildlife interference. The buried cables are better protected against environmental elements, resulting in fewer disruptions and power outages, ensuring a stable electrical service.
Reduced Maintenance
Underground electricity requires minimal maintenance compared to overhead power lines. With no exposure to the elements, the cables are less prone to wear and tear, reducing the need for frequent inspections and repairs. This translates to long-term cost savings and fewer disruptions to your daily activities.
Installing underground electricity future-proofs your property by accommodating the increasing demand for electrical power. It allows for future expansions, such as adding additional circuits, installing electric vehicle chargers, or integrating new technologies, without the limitations or aesthetic concerns of overhead lines.

Frequently asked questions

What is underground electricity and how does it differ from overhead electrical systems?
Underground electricity refers to the distribution of power through cables that are buried beneath the ground. Unlike overhead electrical systems, which use cables mounted on poles, underground electricity offers a more visually appealing and protected infrastructure.
What are the advantages of underground electricity?
Underground electricity provides enhanced aesthetics by eliminating overhead cables and poles, resulting in unobstructed views. It also offers increased reliability as underground cables are less susceptible to damage from extreme weather conditions. Additionally, underground electricity reduces the risk of power outages caused by falling tree limbs or accidents involving overhead lines.
Can existing overhead electrical systems be converted to underground electricity?
Converting existing overhead electrical systems to underground can be a complex process that requires careful planning and coordination. It involves trenching, laying underground cables, and making necessary adjustments to the electrical infrastructure. Consultation with a qualified electrician is recommended to assess the feasibility and requirements for converting to underground electricity.
Are there any specific considerations for maintenance and repairs of underground electrical systems?
Underground electrical systems generally require less maintenance compared to overhead systems. However, periodic inspections should be conducted to ensure the integrity of cables, connections, and protective measures. Specialised equipment and expertise may be necessary for locating and repairing underground cable faults. It is recommended to engage licensed professionals for any maintenance or repair work involving underground electricity.
Are there any potential challenges or limitations associated with underground electricity?
Underground electricity can be more expensive to install initially due to the costs associated with cable burial and infrastructure modifications. It may also present challenges in terms of accessibility for maintenance and repairs compared to overhead systems. Additionally, coordination with other utilities and construction projects may be required when planning or expanding underground electrical systems.
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21:08 19 May 23
Responsive and cost effective. Front desk is super helpful and provided quote in such a timely manner and during the work day, both electricians arrived on time and completed the work professionally.
Weifurong80 WeiWeifurong80 Wei
12:49 18 May 23
Have to say it's rare to come across any companies such as selectrical services these days. Their custom service is excellent and backed with prompt service. They would text you to inform when their electrician would arrive. When they promise something, they would keep their promise. We had really good experience having them to carry out electrical work.
Timur SimashevTimur Simashev
23:49 14 May 23
They replaced our power board and main cables. Done as scheduled, all nice. I'm grateful they took old pole and powerboard and moved payment to more convenient day for us!
Mirna AbdallahMirna Abdallah
07:22 21 Feb 23
Emergency call out today, our switchboard started to smoke and our power had to be turned off. With temperatures over 35 and elderly parents it was extremely stressful. I can not speak highly enough of this company. Not only did they turn up within a few hours but the job was done promptly and efficiently. Thank you so much for your professional service !! I will highly recommend you!
Robert CahillRobert Cahill
05:36 28 Nov 22
Selectrical removed and reinstalled a private power pole to my property together with an all new and upgraded meter box and circuit breakers to reflect latest standards.The quoting process was straightforward and clear.Selective completed the work promptly and as promised.Michael was great to communicate with, knew his scope and made the project an easy one to complete from a client point of view.The site work was complemented by office admin that was responsive and knew what was going on.Recommended.

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